Extra Spending Money for Traveling!


If you’re like us, you always spend more than you should while traveling. Souvenirs, restaurants, tourist attractions, and all the essentials (hotels, airfare, etc.) really do add up. We wanted to take some time to explain different ways you can generate quick money for that upcoming vacation you are taking.

  1. Online Surveys – Online surveys are becoming more and more popular. Companies are offering up to $20 per survey in order to have legitimate results. I have actually taken some surveys in a mall to make quick money for my travels!
  2. Dog/Baby Sitting – If you’re retired or not working and have time during the day, merely take a look around. Your neighborhood may be the excellent area to gain some additional cash money. Relying on your neighborhood demographics, providing babysitting, pet walking, animal sitting and even errand-running solutions could possibly not simply bring in some added earnings but likewise help you being familiar with your neighbors.
    If you reside in a location that does not have a requirement for those solutions, companies like Care.com– an on the internet caregiving destination with greater than 8 million members– can help you locate part time jobs for each one of the above and more. All you should do is fill in a profile online, and then you will have the ability to send as well as get messages to family members who are seeking help.
  3. Sell Your Stuff – Do you fear cleaning your cluttered closet or hold on to clothing you never wear? Well, you may think twice as soon as those neglected frocks turn into dollar signs. Offering slightly used clothing and other items at consignment shops, like Plato’s Closet, Disc Replay, etc. is a very easy way to quickly make some additional money.
    If it’s more than merely clothes you want to part with, Craigslist and also ebay.com are still rather easy means to make a fast sale. Vendors are mindful, however. Depending just what you’re selling, the competitors can be tough. The tricks to successfully marketing your products are commonly specific to just what you’re offering. However, there are a few basic reminders you should remember:

    • Article pictures of the product
    • Compose a detailed description of what you’re selling
    • Set a fair, affordable rate
    • Be courteous and reply to possible buyers rapidly and also kindly
  4. Title Loans – a title loan can be a great way to get money quickly. just make sure you are able to pay the loan back. There have been cases of car title loan customers losing their vehicles to predatory lending companies. There are some great resources on Texas title loans if you’d like to learn more about using your car to borrow money.
  5. Save – The best way to have more money for vacations is to save your money. See what you can comfortably cut out of your budget a couple of months prior to the vacation to have the extra money you crave.

Business Class Airline Travel: The Better Way To Travel

It’s a pleasure to dine during business class airline travel because most airlines provide menus with delicious choices for the business class travelers.  And good food just tastes better when served on porcelain plates.  If you have a special diet, you can pre-order your meal prior to the flight.  Of course, with business class airline travel beverages are complimentary, which includes fine wines and champagnes.  Wonder what those guys in the economy class are having?

When you use business class airline travel you can save if you travel with a companion.  Usually a companion gets a deep discount and sometimes even flies free.  Other than that, discounts are hard to come by unless you’re willing to sacrifice time and flexibility.  In other words, fare discounts for business class airline travel may be offered for non-direct flights that include layovers, but it  could end up costing you time, money and convenience in the long run.

If  you are part of a frequent flyers program or any other air travel related loyalty program, you  are allowed to utilize your air miles to be upgraded to business class airline travel. Be sure to mention this when you make your reservation.  Remember there is a certain group of flyers who are willing to pay for the privilege of sitting in Business Class, so book early.  To some popular destinations, making reservations six to twelve months early is not too soon if you plan to try for an upgrade.

Is it worth it?  Business Class airline travel can cost as much as four times that of economy and remember, amenities can vary greatly so don’t be shy about asking questions.  If personal attention, extra comfort, feeling special and fun perks are important, then Business Class airline travel  may be for you.  You won’t get there any quicker than the folks in economy, but the experience is unforgettable. If you can afford it, business class airline travel is clearly  the better way to travel.

Flying Business Class: Here Is What You Can Expect

You may choose to fly business class for many reasons, but whether you are flying to an important business meeting or a long anticipated vacation, you can get there in a lot more comfort and having a lot more fun when you fly Business Class.  If you are like me, you may have reluctantly walked passed these “luxury” seats on your way to economy class.  Hey, they already had drinks in their hand…now that is “class”.

But what else can you expect when you buy one of these “special passenger” seats near the front of the plane?  For starters, you can expect many luxurious amenities, which vary from airline to airline. Before departure you can take advantage of airport lounges, which may offer free beverages, snacks, newspapers and Internet access. 

Some even provide showers and a lounge chair for a short nap.  The pampering is great – and the airlines are constantly trying  to outdo each other in search of that repeat business class flyer.  I am sure you would agree that this is much better than trying to lug your carry-on through a fast food line.

But There Is More…

Another benefit of flying first class is that you are first on and first off the airplane.  This can really be an advantage when heading trough immigration and custom lines…especially if you have an appointment with the beach,  and you can already hear the turquoise water and white sands beckoning.  And, did you get look at the size of those business class seats?  They recline…way back… and on some aircrafts, a curtain can be pulled for privacy.

This may seem a bit snobbish, but flying first class also means that you will likely be sitting close to more savvy and interesting travelers, fewer hysterical first time flyers and crying babies.   You will also get better entertainment options, such as free audio and video on demand (AVOD) and laptop Internet connections when flying business class.

If flying business class fits in your budget, it really is the only way to fly!

Private Jet Air Charter: Important Safety Considerations

If you are considering chartering a private jet, whether for a holiday, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, you should remember to consider the safety aspects before you book.  While most private jet companies are reputable and reliable, and flying is a very safe way to travel, there is always a danger when dealing with an unknown company that they may cut corners, or not be as concerned about safety as they should be.  You should always bear this in mind when looking for a company to use for your private jet charter.

Checking The Safety Records Of A Jet Charter Company

Looking in to the safety record of a private jet charter company does not need to be a complicated task.  There are lots of simple ways to examine the safety record of a private jet charter company, and it should not take a large amount of your time to find out if a company has a good track record.  This article will list a few simple things you can do to investigate a company before you book.

If you have yet to decide on a private jet chartering company to do business with, you will first want to familiarize yourself with all of your options. This is best done with a standard internet search. Searching with the phrase “private jet charters,” is likely to produce links to the online websites of numerous jet chartering companies.  You are urged to examine these companies to determine the areas of the United States that they service, as well as how much they charge.  Once you find a jet chartering company, or even a few of them, that charge reasonable rates and offer charters in your around your area, you will want to do a little bit more research.  This research can also involve the internet.

Go Online For More Information

A simple internet search on the company’s name should give you a lot of valuable information, including references to the company web site, and news reports or accident summaries if the company has been involved in any air travel incidents.  If you do not find any reports mentioning the company, then there is a very good chance that the company has a clean safety record.

You may also find a lot of reviews of the company, which should give you an idea of the impression that other customers got of the company.  If the reviews indicate that the passengers did not feel safe or happy when flying with them, then this should set off a red flag.   If they enjoyed the flight and were impressed by the service they received, then hopefully you will enjoy your flight too.

You could also look for information about the make and model of jet that you are considering chartering.  This should give you information about the safety of that particular jet.  If there are any problems of safety issues with the model in question, then a simple internet search should bring them up, and you can either contact the charter company and explain your concerns, or choose to book a different kind of jet instead.

Checking in to the history and safety record of a private jet charter company is something that can be done quickly and easily, and is worth investing a few minutes to do, as it will ensure you have a comfortable and worry free flight.

Top Tips For Last Minute Air Travel Deals

While doing things at the last minute is rarely ideal, sometimes it is a necessity, perhaps you have to attend a job interview in another state, or visit an ill relative, and sometimes you just feel like a break at the last moment.  Whatever the reason, last minute air travel deals are highly sought after, and knowing how to find them can be a very useful skill.

Ask Your Travel Agent

Your travel agent is likely to be the first person you think of for a regular holiday, but many people assume that the last minute deals they offer are less than bargains.  This is a common misconception, and in reality it is well worth asking your travel agent for last minute fares, as they have knowledge of offers that the general public may not know about.  Booking through a travel agent is quick and easy, and you often get a very good price.

Take Advantage of Online Booking

Other sources of last minute air travel deals are all around you.  There are many websites whose sole purpose is you get you connected with the last minute air travel deals you need.  Whether you need to fly to New York or Melbourne, there are bound to be some last minute air travel deals available for you.

Online fares are usually very inexpensive, but this can often come with the price of restrictions – some cheap fares require you to stay at your destination a certain length of time, or limit the airports that you can go to.  The airports offered by cheaper fares are usually smaller ones a little away from the central travel destinations.  The flights often leave early in a morning, or very late at night.  If you are willing to accept this, and be flexible about your travel arrangements, however, then you can save quite a lot of money.

Be careful when booking last minute air travel deals online, since many services require full, non-refundable payment when you book.  For this reason, be careful when making reservations to hold seats while you shop around.

Try The Discount Brokers

The majority of discount airline ticket brokers have websites that you can use to check the availability of discount fares, however there are some that still require you to call them to check for cheap flights.  These brokers are usually small firms, but they have a relationship with the airlines and can pass on last minute deals at up to 70% below the standard price.

The best idea is to plan ahead whenever possible, as you should get the best deals if you book early, but if you ever do need to travel at the last minute, don’t despair, you can still get good deals if you shop around.